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As instructed by the High Commission / Consulate General, VFS Australia shall except only online filled, printed and signed application’s form at all IPVSC locations.

In compliance with the regulations of International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), only machine readable printed passports are now to be accepted for international travel. The High Commission of India and Consulates in Sydney and Melbourne will hence no longer entertain any request for issue of Short Validity Passport/Emergency Passport. If there is a case of extreme emergency, a one way Emergency Certificate can be issued to enable Indian nationals to travel to India to attend to the emergent situation. For the return journey, they would need to contact the nearest Passport Issuing Authority to obtain a new passport.

Passports - Online Registration Form

The Government of India has now introduced the Online Registration Form for all overseas Indian nationals seeking Passport Services. The procedure would now enable the Indian nationals residing overseas to obtain Printed Passports.

Click the button above to complete the form online (see selection criteria for Indian mission on the online form as per the screen shot example below )
Note the registration number for future use.
Print out the form.
Sign in all boxes as required, within the box.
Submit the documents ( Forms, Checklist and Supporting documents) by post/ in person or representative to the Visa Application Centre

Please refer to the following table to select the correct Indian Mission for your city when filling out your online Visa Application Form:

Your Residential State
Indian Mission to be Selected
New South Wales South Australia AUSTRALIA – SYDNEY
Australian Capital Territory Queensland AUSTRALIA – CANBERRA
Western Australia Northern Territory AUSTRALIA – PERTH

Phasing out of non-Machine Readable Passports , click here

Passport Application

Step 1
Confirm the passport category type you wish to apply for based on your individual situation. (New, Lost, Damaged etc,.)

Step 2
Complete your application online

Step 3
Download & print the form/s, read and complete checklist

Step 4
The Ministry website may provide you with an appointment time ignore this.

Step 5
Check fees payable and payment options

Step 6
Sign form/s and checklist at all indicated places

Step 7
Ensure photos are as per specifications. Incorrect photos may be rejected by the Ministry and result in your application getting delayed.

Step 8
Check processing times to plan your travel accordingly.

Step 9
Attach all supporting documents required as per the checklist

Step 10
Submit your application based on jurisdiction by Express Post/Courier in person or through a representative (where you reside determines where you need to submit your application)

Step 11
Track your application online

Step 12
Your completed application will be returned to you by the mode of delivery selected by you once processed.