Apply for
VISA to India

Please note:
Family OCI application can be filled online on the Indian government application link provided above.
Up to 4 members (2 majors, 2 minors) application can be filled by selecting relationship status.
To comply with same, kindly fill in major applicant’s details prior to minor/s.
You may fill separate applications for all family members, if you’re facing any difficulties while filling out a family application,

Please refer to the following table to select the correct Indian Mission for your city when filling out your online Visa Application Form:

Your Residential State
Indian Mission to be Selected
New South Wales South Australia
Victoria Tasmania
Australian Capital Territory Queensland
Western Australia Northern Territory

Ensure the application is completed online.
Print out One Copy of the application form after completing the same online. Take careful note of the web reference number, you will need the same to track your OCI application status.
The application forms must have one original photo per form and the signature on form must be within the box. (for infants no thumb impression or signature on the form is required)
Provide accurate contact details (landline/mobile numbers) that will be used to reach you for any additional information.
Once this is done you will now need to submit your application. See more details under - Submit your Application
Overseas Citizen of India Application

Step 1
Read the website and FAQ’s carefully to confirm your eligibility for an OCI.

Step 2
Confirm the OCI category you wish to apply for based on your individual situation. (e.g., are you converting from a PIO to OCI or are you applying for an OCI directly)

Step 3
Complete your application online

Step 4
Download & print the form/s, read and complete checklist as mentioned under “ Checklist & Additional forms”

Step 5
Check fees payable and payment options

Step 6
Sign form/s and checklist at all indicated places

Step 7
Ensure photos are as per specifications. Incorrect photos may be rejected by the Ministry and result in your application getting delayed.

Step 8
Check processing times to plan your travel accordingly.

Step 9
Attach all supporting documents required as per the checklist

Step 10
Submit your application based on jurisdiction by Express Post/Courier in person or through a representative (where you reside determines where you need to submit your application)

Step 11
Once your application has been successfully submitted you will receive an email providing you a file no to track your application

Step 12
Track your application online

Step 13
Once the status shows your document received from the Ministry into Australia, you will need to submit your foreign passport along with Printed copy of Online status to the application centre where your application was lodged. Check details on the track your application link on this website.

Step 14
Once you submit the passport/s your OCI card should be dispatched to you in 7 working days.