Apply for
VISA to India

Overseas Citizen of India Checklist

Checklist: Must be completed, signed & attached with your application and supporting documents.
Stage: 1 Applying for OCI
Documents you need for a complete application
Do not submit your Australian Passport at this stage. All the documents, including the application form, must be submitted in two sets.
Online Application form fully filled, printed and Part B completed (typed or written in block letters). ociindia.nic.in/ociindia/OnlineOCIRegistrationG.jsp and FORM U
Provide accurate contact details (telephone/mobile number/e-mail) to reach you for any additional information.
Land:_____________ Mobile:_____________
Signature must be within the box. (Exception for infants ; no thumb impression or signature on the form is required).

TWO recent photographs, one for each form meeting strict specifications. See Photo Specifications for details. Photo Booth services are available for this photo specification at India Passport & Visa Application Centres in Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth & Melbourne

I have submitted the correct OCI fees
I understand the mode of payment choices available
Eftpos / Credit card - Mastercard or Visa Card issued in Australia (at VFS counters or by Post Applications - Complete Credit Card Authorization part of this checklist for applications sent by post)
Cash (at VFS Counters only)
Money / Postal Order payable to “VFS Services Australia Pty Ltd” only.

Note: Personal cheques and company cheques are not acceptable.
I have attached the mandatory Postal Processing Fee of $8 . I understand I do not have to send a return envelope. (The postal processing fee includes the return envelope). The above fee is mandatory irrespective of the mode of submission and OCI applications are returned by Registered POST only.
Documents to attach
Proof of Indian origin:

Old Indian passport photocopy of self (first page, photo page, any other observation page and last page)


Any other Proof of Indian Origin: - If copy of old Indian passport is not available, please provide photocopy of as many documents as possible, attested by Justice of Peace (JP) to prove your Indian origin/descent. (minimum at least 3 documents from the list below)
International movement record from Department of Immigration & Citizenship in Australia.
Domicile certificate from competent authorities (District Magistrate, Sub Divisional Magistrate, Executive Magistrate, etc).
Indian passport or OCI of parents/grand parents and evidence of relationship as parent/grandparent, if their Indian origin is claimed as basis for grant of OCI.
Birth certificate, Educational certificates, Marriage certificate, any other relevant document.
Proof of present citizenship (photocopy of the documents only not originals):
  Australian national:
Australian passport (2 set self attested photocopy of Bio page{page having your photo and personal details})
Foreign national:
Foreign Passport 2 set self attested photocopy of Bio page{page having your photo and personal details})
Proof of residency in Australia; photocopy of Visa status or Medicare card (attested by JP)
For Minor Applicants
Photocopy of Birth certificate of minor applicants (attested by JP)
At least one Parent is required to Provide Proof of Indian Origin ( see list above) and Proof of present citizenship ( see list above)
Copies of Current Passport Bio Page {page of your passport having your photo and personal details} of both parents (attested by JP)
Custody papers from court in case of single separated parent (attested by JP)
If the minor applicant is able to sign, then a “No Objection Letter” from both parents is required.
If minor applicant is unable to sign the application, the parents can sign on the minors behalf and there is no requirement of a, “No Objection Letter” from the parents.
In case only one parent signs the application form, then a, “No objection letter” is required from the other parent.
For PIO card holder:
A photocopy of PIO card (first and last page) attested by JP
Proof of Indian origin as specified above
Other Requirements
As per Indian Passport Law, India does not permit Dual Citizenship. All Indian Nationals obtaining a foreign citizenship must surrender their Indian Citizenship

Form “N” must be filled if the applicant has not officially cancelled his/ her old Indian passport.

The renunciation / surrender certificate procedure and fee structure is based on the date, the Person of Indian Origin, has acquired Australian/Foreign Citizenship.

If the date of Australian or Foreign Citizenship is on or before 31-05-2010:
If the Indian Passport is not cancelled, submit the original Indian passport and photocopy of Australian/Foreign Citizenship certificate, OR

If the Indian Passport is lost/damaged and not in possession (the applicant will need to provide a statutory declaration attested by a JP) and photocopy of Australian/Foreign Citizenship certificate.

OCI/PIO/VISA Applications $25 cancellation fee is payable. Statutory declaration will be attested and given back to applicant as a proof of cancellation.

If the Indian Passport is cancelled the applicant will need to submit a photocopy proof of the bio page of the cancelled passport and no cancellation fee will be applicable.

If the date of Australian or Foreign Citizenship is after 31-05-2010:
If the Indian Passport is not cancelled, submit the original Indian passport and photocopy of Australian/Foreign Citizenship certificate. OR

If the Indian Passport is lost/damaged and not in possession (the applicant will need to provide a statutory declaration attested by a JP) and photocopy of Australian/Foreign Citizenship certificate.

For OCI/PIO/VISA Application $273 fee is payable along with the submission of the OCI/PIO/VISA application and the surrender certificate will be issued along with the requested service.

If the surrender certificate is already acquired only a copy of the same needs to be submitted and no additional fee will be applicable.
If applicant’s name is different in Australian/ Foreign passport from that of the Indian passport, ‘Name Change Certificate’ from competent authorities is required.
If applicant’s appearance is different from that of Indian passport – Statutory Declaration for change of appearance to be attested by JP
I understand that during the process of my application I may be asked to submit some additional documents as required by the authority.
Stage: 2 Submission of your Australian / Foreign Passport (with minimum 6 months validity) for issuance of the OCI card
(When the printed OCI document has been received from India by the CGI and HCI)
After submitting your OCI application, track your application here http://ociindia.nic.in/ociindia/OnlineOCIenquiry.jsp using your File No that has been generated and sent to you on your specified email address.
Once the status on this tracking screen shows "Documents Received at, Canberra/Sydney/Melbourne” (and you do not see, “NOT YET” on the screen), it confirms your OCI documents arrival in Australia

Post in or submit in person, a printed copy of your tracking page, (as mentioned in Step 2) your Australian (Foreign) passport. If you are a PIO card holder, you will need to surrender your PIO card
The applicant hereby confirms that he/she has read the above, ticked the boxes against documents submitted & ensures that all the necessary documentation has been submitted.
VFS Officer (Name & Sign)
Applicant (Name & Sign)
Credit Card Authorization (to be completed for applications sent by post)
I authorize VFS Services Australia Pty Ltd to debit my credit card for charges as applicable. Please note Debit cards are not accepted for postal applications.
Card No.
Card Type
Visa Card or Masterca rd issued in Australia only.
1.5% surcharge + GST applicable on total payable.
Cardholder’s Name
Cardholder’s Signature
Applicants Passport No/s
Credit Card Expiry Date

Step 1
Confirm the visa type based on your reason for travel; do not make any confirmed bookings. Check processing times to plan your travel accordingly.

Step 2
Complete the application form, download & print the application forms and checklist for the selected visa type. Sign form/s and checklist at all indicated places. Incomplete applications cannot be accepted and will be returned.

Step 3
Check fees payable and payment options.

Step 4
Ensure photos are strictly as per specifications. Photo Booth Services are available at Visa Application Centres.

Step 5
Submit your application based on jurisdiction by Express Post/Courier in person or through a Travel Agent (where you reside determines where you need to submit your application)

Step 6
Track your application online. Your completed application will be returned to you by the mode of delivery selected by you once processed. Allow for 1-3 days transit time for courier return . Transit times differ by location and do not take into account any public holidays.